Pre-apprenticeship Program


Creating Pathways

The program offers on-site experience and modular training for people wanting to enter the construction industry. The program exposes participants to a range of professional positions within the industry as well as a variety of trades. Participants are mentored on potential employment pathways by a team of qualified construction representatives.

Building Futures

Program participants study five core modules incorporated with five days' work experience on site to implement and develop new skills and knowledge. Participants work under the guidance of qualified tradesmen and mentors, reflecting an apprenticeship experience. The participants are evaluated on each training module as well as the skills demonstrated on site, including safety and work attitude.

Register for the Program

Individuals interested in participating in the program are encouraged to register via the contact below.

Businesses are invited to register as future employers of successful graduates or program training partners.

Mel Hood
Workforce Development Officer
[email protected]